Consulting Services

Need help with your social media, crisis management, communications, or diversity initiatives? I offer the following consulting services:

Placeholder ImageOptimize Your Social Media Programs

Software consulting – Does your company have the tools you need to successfully run a social media program? I can conduct an audit of your current systems and align them to your business goals. I can help you conduct an RFP for social media management or listening solutions that will meet your needs and be within your budget.

Social listening – Have you purchased a social listening tool but you don’t know how to use it? Whether you are a large or small company, based on your business needs, I can build a listening methodology to help you track corporate brands, campaign messaging awareness, executive perception, competitive intelligence, or issues and crisis topics.

Design Your Social Media Team Infrastructure – Do you have a few social channels but they are in departments that don’t speak to each other? Do you have no idea how to staff or scale your social program? I can help you develop an infrastructure for your social media program defining the job roles, responsibilities and processes that your business needs to do social well. I can evaluate what resources you have already that can be effectively deployed and what roles will need to be hired to fill. We’ll design your social content publishing, approval, and monitoring strategies custom for your business.

Social Analytics – Do you know how to measure your social media program? Depending on your goals (whether they are awareness building to increased sales) I can help you develop a analytics framework connecting how you measure social media data along side your other marketing, PR and sales measures.


Improve Your Crisis Management Program

Crisis Communications Plans – Does your company have a crisis communications plan in place? I have led or been part of crisis teams that have dealt with everything from massive technical system failure, natural disasters, to labor issues and litigation. I can build your crisis communications plan from the ground up as well as social media crisis escalation, monitoring and response processes.

Table Top Crisis Training – Interested in running an exercise to see if your existing crisis communications plan will work? I can work with your communications team to build a table-top exercise scenario and conduct training sessions with your team. At the end of the session, you’ll have key learnings on what areas of your plan went well, where your team struggled to make decisions, and identify what areas of your plan need to be improved for the future.

Social Media Crisis Preparedness – I pioneered some of the initial methods of developing a response/readiness programs for social media operations at major Fortune 100 companies. I can help you build your social media crisis plan as well as the operating infrastructure you need to be prepared.

Communications & Public Relations

I am available to contract for the following kinds of writing that can be billed on a per word basis.

  • Press releases
  • Bylined articles or blog posts
  • Biographies
  • Backgrounders / Fact sheets/ FAQs
  • White papers/ research reports
  • Training or Instruction Manuals



Diversity & Inclusion

Launching and managing Employee Resource Groups – Diversity needs to be a systemic part of a company culture. There is no better way to bring that to life than launching Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). If your HR team doesn’t have time to manage these groups, I can be a contracted resource to develop your policy framework for allowing ERGs, build strategic annual plans and goals in conjunction with your ERG leaders, support them on a regular basis, and analyze their progress.

If you want to read the details of my corporate experience go to Linkedin or shoot me an email and ask for my resume.