Gillette ad controversy speaks to culture shift

On January 14th Gillette released a startling new ad that has drawn controversy from men and women alike. "The Best a Man Can Be" is a new ad addressing the social commentary of the #MeToo movement, but I believe it's actually an attempt for the brand to reconnect with the female demographic as it's seeing … Continue reading Gillette ad controversy speaks to culture shift

How a Bullet Journal will help you be a better manager

If you haven't heard of a Bullet Journal, it's an analog system designed by Ryder Carroll for rapid note taking and future planning. I've been using a bullet journal for my personal and professional life for just over a year and I'm going to give you a few tips on how you can implement a system like this to make you a better manager.

How do we build happiness at work?

Over the last year, it's been my mission to better understand how workplaces, managers, and employees themselves are impacting a person's ability to be "happy." To me, happiness is a state without fear and anger, where calmness and fulfillment is present. I recently completed Martin Seligman's introductory Positive Psychology course. One of the most impactful realizations of this course for me was that Seligman classifies depression as a disorder of the future. Organizations that don't correctly understand the role of past, present and future in the lives of their employees can create damaging work environments that lead to poor productivity and even employee health problems.